How to Apply Mascara

Mascara is a very important cosmetic product for females. Mascara is used to thicken, lengthen, darken or define your eyelashes. Mascara completes the look of your eyes you may be striving for. So, no beauty routine is complete without mascara. So girls out there, if you want to enhance the beauty of your eyes then you need to have a mascara. But applying mascara in a perfect way is always one of the most difficult tasks. Before you start applying mascara you need to get the best mascara that suits your skin tone and the color of your eyes. For instance, for short eyelashes you need to go for lengthening mascara, for thin eyelashes go for thickening mascara as it will help in adding volume to your eyelashes. Thickening mascara is the best choice when you want the mascara to last through the day without smudging. Waterproof mascaras are the best when it comes to wearing on a rainy day.

Now, here is how you should apply mascara to your eye lashes.

Apply other eye makeup:

Eye makeup
Before you apply the mascara, you need to finish your other eye make-ups such as foundation, eye shadow and eyeliner. This is important as you may need to redo application of mascara if you do not use the eyeliner or makeup properly.

Pull your hair back: 

Hair way from face

Before you apply mascara, pull all of your hair back so that the hair does not interfere when applying the liquid. Also hair will not cause any smudging.

Position yourself comfortably:

Hand mirror

For applying mascara use a hand mirror. Hold the hand mirror down and look into it. This way you can see your eyelashes properly – from the root to the tips. Now you can apply the mascara on your eyelashes. Never look straight into a mirror to apply mascara as you will not be able to see the entire eye lashes. 

Open the mascara: 

Open the mascara

Shake the mascara bottle properly before you open it. It is important to use oen of the best mascaras. Now open the mascara and scrape the excess product off the brush before applying it to the eye lashes. This will help in avoiding clumps on the lashes.

Start applying on the upper lashes:

Mascara on the upper lashes

With a steady hand, apply mascara from the base of your eyebrows out to the tip in one stroke. Hold the brush at 90 degrees while applying the mascara to have the best results on. For the right curl, direction of the brush should be upwards/outwards. To avoid getting mascara on the lids or cheeks you can put a business card or post-it note under the lower lashes or behind the upper lashes before applying.

Apply mascara on lower lashes:

Mascara on the lower lashes

It is usually recommend applying mascara only to the top lashes. But if you want to make your eyes look wider, you can apply mascara to the bottom lashes. The bottom lashes should be given a light touch. It is always better to apply on bottom lashes first and then to upper lashes.

Second coat:

Mascara second coat

Usually, first coat of mascara is enough, but in case you want to apply another coat of mascara you should not let the first coat dry completely or it will start flaking off. You can make your eyelashes look longer if you apply the second coat on the tips of your lashes.

Highlight the base:


Remember the point that the mascara placed near the roots gives the illusion of length. Wiggle the wand left to right at the base of lashes. This way you will get the prefect eye makeup.

Comb your lashes:

Eye lash comb

Once you are done with applying mascara in your eye lashes, it is time to comb your lashes so that they are all separated. Use a lash comb to do it. Place the comb at the lash roots, and gently pull up through the lashes. Always comb your lashes before they are dry.

Do not blink:

Keep eye open

Avoid blinking your eyes till the time the mascara dries up. If the mascara is not dry before you open your eyes, there will be smudges near the eyes. This will spoil your eye make-up.

Remove smudges:

Remove mascara smudges

In case there are any mascara smudges you need to remove them to get a nice look. Take a small cotton bud dipped in baby oil and place it on the top of the smudge, and gently rotate in place until it comes off. Make sure your other eye make ups are in place.

Some Useful Tips:

Remove mascara

When you apply mascara remember that you need to remove mascara before going to sleep. Never go to sleep with mascara on as it can result in bacterial infection. Also if you have applied thick mascara, there is always a risk that it can get into your eye and cause red, swollen eyes in the morning. With mascara on, you will also wake up with raccoon eyes that surely no one likes to have. The easiest and simplest way to remove mascara before going to sleep is to use facial cleansing wipes to remove as much mascara as possible.

Beautiful eyes

To conclude, mascara looks great on women of all age and color and they are the perfect way to get beautiful eyes. Apply mascara and make your eyelashes look thicker and fuller, Also use the best mascara to get better result. The quality of the mascara you are using must be checked before you apply it. 

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  1. Kayleigh

    I tried mascara for the first time today by myself I messed up a few times but got it off nicely so ya.


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