Mascara for Men Can Make You Look Smart

Makeup products are mainly for women. But, today men have also become conscious of their look. Not just men who are actors in television or cinema or at most a TV presenter who prefer to wear makeup, even common men also wear makeup to some extent. Hence, there is a whole range of makeup that is specially formulated for men. Of all the makeup products for men, mascara is a popular one. Just like women, men also wear mascara to open up their eyes, to give their lashes volume and length and to overall enhance their looks. But there is a huge difference in the way both men and women apply mascara

Men using mascara

Why men should use mascara?

There are basically two reasons for why men should use mascara. First of all mascara for men redefines style. By using mascara men can go for the gothic look that can be termed as intriguing and quite interesting. Secondly, mascara for men helps enhance facial features. With the little use of mascara, men can have well defined eyes that can help in drawing attention and making a good impression.

Which is the best mascara for men?

Mascara for men comes in a wide variety of forms in order to meet the needs of different users. Clear mascara is the first choice for most men. This type of mascara is nothing more than a regular mascara wand packaged with a clear, gel like formula that is applied to the upper or lower lashes. The best part about clear mascara is that it does not coat the lashes with paint and is able to give the desired look to your eyes. Also this type of mascara is easy to use and when applied it dries up instantly. On top of that since the formulation is clear, no one gets to know that you are wearing any eye makeup and specially mascara. Clear mascara can also be used to groom the brow lines and hold their shape. Clear mascara for men will set the brows perfectly and will also add a light sheen.

Clear mascara for men

Well, apart from clear mascara, men can also choose mascara that adds color, volume, and curl to your lashes. Colored mascara for men is mostly available in brown or black shade. For those who want a drastic change must use mascara for men with shimmer. This type of mascara comes in a wide variety of colors.

Mentioned below are the two most popular mascaras for men:

L’Oreal Men Explosive Mascara:

L'Oreal Men Explosive Mascara

L’Oreal is the number one company when it comes to quality mascara products for men. Telescopic Explosion Mascara For Men comes in two shades – black and blackest black. This mascara is designed to give thicker, defined and more beautiful eye lashes. Men prefer this mascara as the marble brush helps to get the coat even on the smallest of lashes. With no clumps, this mascara for men is a real winner. Read more about L’Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara For Men at You can buy this mascara for $5.50 here.

Guyliner Mascara:

Guyliner Mascara

This mascara is developed for the forward thinking, global male consumer. The mascara in gel like formulation that is surprisingly light and non greasy separates conditions and defines eye lashes. It beautifully separates each individual lashes, making them look fuller. It also holds hard to tame brows in place. It is available in two shades – black and clear. Both the forms are good and while using the black shade you must go for a single coat only. You can know more about Guyliner Mascara at

Some useful tips:

  • It is essential for men to bear in mind while using mascara that it should never give a made-up effect.
  • Apply mascara with a gentle hand so that your lashes look defined and natural.
  • Also mascara for men should be completely free of clumping and no more than a single coat should be applied.
  • Men must avoid mascara that is meant for women as it can give a very wrong impression.
  • Men can wear mascara without eyeliner for fuller, longer eyelashes.
  • Men with strong masculine faces should apply a single coat of mascara for men.
  • The best way to use mascara for men is to simply let the brush glide easily on your lashes.
  • One coat of mascara is just perfect for men. However, men can choose to buy glossy or cream-based mascara for men.
  • Clear mascara for men is a great choice if you want to lengthen and plump lashes without any smudges.

 Mascara for men

Mascara for men is readily available in the market. You can look for one at some nearby cosmetic counters or order one from online shops. To conclude, mascara for men is not just for rock stars and male fashion models, anyone who wants to look smart can use them.

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